10 Cheap Costume Ideas for the Jobless


If you couldn't help yourself and ended up wearing a costume last year that got you fired, then we've got some super cheap costume ideas for anyone who's dead broke. Don't spend more than you would on lunch or even bus fare on these 10 costume ideas for the jobless.

Invisible Man

If you've already got the trench coat this costume's only gonna cost you a few bucks in gauze. However if you're really broke we suggest you simply not show up to any parties and say you were there as the invisible man.


Do what Seth Green's character Oz on Buffy the vampire slayer did and dress up as God for Halloween. All you need is a "Hello my name is..." name tag.


All you need is some short shorts and lots of shame to dress as Tobias the never-nude from Arrested Development. Never heard of a never nude? There are LITERALLY DOZENS of them!!

Cardboard Robot

This might seem like a good idea, but you might want to hang on to those boxes for when you get evicted and have to move.


Your mom is gonna be pissed off when she sees what you did to her sheets. Just hope she doesn't want you to pay her back.

Disgruntled Unemployed Guy

Dress casual and wear your best disgruntled face. No one will ask you what you are.

Cereal Killer

If cereal is all you can afford for dinner then have we got a costume idea for you!

D-Bag Costume (think K Fed)

You don't even have to shower or get dressed for this one!

Pizza Guy

If you can't afford a whole pizza you can probably at least trash pick the box it came in.

Static Cling

Just stick a bunch of socks and pantyhose to yourself... maybe some dryer sheets if those aren't too rich for your blood.

Find it on Spirit Halloween!
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