12 Clever Comic Con Costumes


Every year tons of fans get together at Comic Con and show off their costume making skills with amazing comic book and video game costumes. The convetion is a great source of inspiration for anyone looking to create a nerdy costume. Check out these clever costumes from Comic Con 09.

Sure, Storm Troopers have been done, but these guys made the idea original by dressing up as Zombie Storm Troopers.

This Live from Comic Con YouTube video costume is totally coming to you live via Youtube.

All you have to do to make this Futurama Brain Slug costume convincing is act completely mindless.

Mario is another costume that's been done, but accessories like the boot costume can really make the costume pop.

No one liked Jar Jar Binks so this costume of Chef Vadar serving his head on a platter is a definite crowd pleaser.

All you have to do to be a Sim interact with people and objects... oh and maybe babble in Simlish.

These beautiful costumes come from Mucha's Seasons painting, but what really makes them unique is the backdrop on which they are set.

Plenty of Disney costumes could be found at Comic Con '09, but none with such a cute attention to detail as this Little Mermaid costume complete with dinglehopper.

This Dr. Manhattan costume looks pretty convincing since the wearer painted whites over his eyelids to match the Watchmen character.

Just a random confused enemy from Metal Gear Solid. (Looks like he didn't notice Snake adding that sign on his back).

Who would have guessed that a Dalek could be so adorable? This Dr. Who inspired costume breaks away from the original design, but uses enough details and accessories to make the point in an interesting way.

Another Mario costume with a twist... its-a-me! Ghost Mario!

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