12 Costume Fails From Comic Con


We've seen some amazing costumes from Comic Con, as well as some... not so amazing ones. While it's great that everyone dresses up and has fun, we feel like some costumes could have used a bit more effort or forethought. Here are some of the costume fails from Comic Con.


Attention Storm Trooper #454: Disco is dead.


Is that velor? There are enough problems with this Ninja Turtle costume that it didn't need to be made from such a hideous fabric.


This Incredible Hulk costume has the proportions of a 10 year old's drawing of the character... and looks as though perhaps that same 10 year old made it out of paper mache.


We're sorry to hear about the cutbacks Master Chief. Maybe next year the military will be able to afford something other than cardboard for your body armor.


Dollar Store Special Batman and Batgirl.


We've definitely seen more effort put into a Felicia costume before.


Oh no! Han Solo is encased in aluminum foil!


Aren't you a little too old to be attending Hogwarts?


After things went south for Tony Stark's finances he was forced to downgrade to Paper Man.


Aren't shinigami's usually a bit... taller? Not to mention a bit scarier...? This attempt at Ryuk from Death Note isn't convincing us.


Couldn't you at least cover your whole face when you dress as Rorchach from Watchman?


Hey check it out, it's Pimp Vader and Leisure Suit Boba Fett!

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