12 Cutest Baby Halloween Costumes


There may be nothing more fun for new parents than dressing up their newborn baby in adorable outfits every day, except for maybe dressing them up in adorable baby Halloween costumes. There are costumes that are cute and cuddly costumes like bunnies, kittens, pirates, flowers and other cute costume ideas. Here are 12 of the cutest baby halloween costumes ever.

Plush Monkey Baby Costume

Your little one will go bananas over this Plush Monkey baby costume.

Baby Cow Costume

What an udderly adorable cow baby costume.

Stargazer Lily Baby Costume

Stargazer lillies are gentle and beautiful and make a very pretty little girl costume.

Lil' Lamb Baby Costume

This Lil' Lamb costume looks like it's as comfy as it is cute.

Peeps Baby Costume

Who doesn't love Peeps?

Pink Lady Bug Baby Costume

We've seen our fair share of lady bug costumes, but this little pink one with hearts for spots has to be the cutest.

Baby Peas in a Pod Costume

This baby pea bunting infant costume would make a great costume for twins who are "2 peas in a pod."

Fluffy Pink Bunny Baby Costume

The fluffy pink bunny baby costume is classically cute.

Colorful Dragon Baby Costume

This colorful dragon baby costume is perfect for the baby who just started crawling.

Black Cat Baby Costume

A little black cat costume works for for all ages.

Baby Pirate Costume

Ahoy there baby!

Frog and Lily Pad Baby Costume

This adorable frog baby costume even comes with it's own lily pad.

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