12 Homemade Costumes Using Household Items


Not everyone can spend a ton of money on fabric and supplies to make their homemade costume, but frankly, not everyone has to. Some of the coolest, cutest and funniest costumes are made entirely from stuff you find around the house like newspaper, egg cartons, broken umbrellas... you name it! Here are 12 homemade costumes that only use household items that prove you don't have to spend a lot to have fun this Halloween.

A breath of fresh air from the usually cardboard robot costume, this CloroxBot costume uses over 60 used detergent bottles as well as materials like football shoulder pads and crutches.

All you need for this homemade toilet paper costume is a foam sheet and a sick sense of humor.

Put those styrofoam cups to good use and create a cool helmet for your homemade space invader costume, complete with egg carton armor and a cookie press ray gun.

Definitely last minute costume idea, the fake midget costume only requires 2 trash cans and a pair of old sneakers.

The Manila Paper and CD Squid Costume is really more of a office supply costume than a household item costume if you want to get technical.

Black clothing and a broken umbrella make a great last minute bat costume or possibly some kind of rainy day emo kid.

If you don't have an abundance of yarn newspaper will do just fine as the main ingredient for a shaggy dog costume.

It's not hard to throw together a last minute nerd costume... all you need is a dictionary, glasses and a pocket calculator.

Turn that head wound into a costume opportunity! This gauze zombie costume uses cornstarch, flour and food coloring for blood and gauze and an old sheet for the rest of the costume.

Made from old trash found by the beach and other stuff found around the house this pollution poisoned mermaid demonstrates why it's so important not to waste anything.

Don't make turtle soup in that old roasting pan, make a turtle costume!

Cardboard boxes don't normally make great body armor, but when they're peeled to show the corrugation they suddenly reveal a cool texture. The recycled Samurai costume has got to be one of the best cardboard costumes ever made.

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