Incredibly Awesome G.I. Joe Costumes


Who would have ever guessed that an action figure from 1964 would have inspired TV shows, cartoons, comic books, movies and of course lots of great costumes? GI JOE fans dress up as their favorite Real American Heros and villians like Cobra Commander, Snake Eyes, Baroness, Lady Jaye and tons more. We've found some of the coolest fan created G.I. Joe Costumes ever made.

Group Cobra Costume complete with Crimson Twins, Destro, The Baroness and wait, is that Snake Eyes hanging out with Cobra?

Baroness and Snake Eyes, bothed armed and ready for some action.

Cobra Commander and a very lovely Cobra Trooper.

Cobra Commander and Baroness hanging out with some good guys; Law and Bazooka.

Go figure that Cobra would make the Baroness do their laundry...

Cobra Troopers

Destro, not standing out at all or anything...

Storm Shadow, Baroness and Cobra Commander.

The lovely red heads of GI JOE, Lady Jaye and Scarlett.

Sgt. Slaughter

Destro, Storm Shadow, Cobra Commander, Zartan

Just a couple of ninjas hanging out...

Shipwreck, minus his faitful companion, Polly.

A pair of real twins dressed as the Crimson Twins, Tomax & Xamot.

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