14 Incredibly Groovy Hippie Costumes


If you want a costume that's totally groovy than you better grow your hair, get some love beads and tie-dye t-shirts. Hippie Costumes are a fun way to celebrate the free spirits of the 60's and bring out your inner flower child. To help you get some costume ideas check out these 14 Incredibly Groovy Hippie Costumes.

The cheaper you go on a hippie costume, the better it seems to work. The marker drawings of flowers and writing all over this guy's clothes seem like something a hippie would do.

Some combination of long hair, fringe and tie-dye makes perfect hippie costumes.

Round colored sun-glasses, tie-dye and peace signs can go a long way to make a great psychedelic hippie costume, but you can probably get away with using less of those things than this guy did.

Janis Joplin is easy to recognize with round sun glasses and a boa in your hair.

These might be the biggest bell bottoms made since the 60's, and are probably the only pleather pair ever.

This hippie girl costume has a lot of pretty accents without being over the top.

Li'l Jimi Hendrix

Sort of a high-fashion/modern take on hippies.

All you need for this adorable kid's hippie costume is a tie-dye shirt, patched jeans, a paper bag and some colored paper.

Even the dog can get groovy!

One of the coolest things about dressing up like a hippie is that you don't have match so it can be a really easy costume.

Kelly Rippa's hippie costume is subtle but very authentic looking with a period wig, bell bottoms and peace sign necklace.

Why dress up as an old hippie when you can be a famous once like Jerry Garcia?

Between the crazy afro and the cool accessories this guy knows where it's at.

Find it on Spirit Halloween!
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