14 Terribly Awesome Sacha Baron Cohen Costumes


Sacha Baron Cohen is making waves with his latest big screen persona, Brüno, but since Borat, most of us are in on the joke. In fact a lot of folks are joining in by dressing up as their favorite character. Some think it's be wicked to dress up as Ali G while others take pride in Kazakhstan as Borat and some people just simply love fasion and want to show off their style as Brüno. If you're a fan of the English comedian and his crazy characters than check out these terribly awesome (or awesomely terrible?) Sacha Baron Cohen inspired costumes.


Ali G chillin' with his main bitch Rainbow Bright.


You might find this hard to believe but I'm... Bruno!


Thumbs up for this Borat costume.

The only thing this costume needs is about 90% more body hair.


When the dress code is black and yellow, everyone expects bees, but no one expects Ali G in da house.


Borat and his pet mustache.


This guy seems excited to be out of Kazakhstan.


Ali G and the doc... no he's not a real doctor, that's just his street name.



Borat meets Ali G for the first time.

At least this costume has a tiny but of decency and covers those hair legs.


So you can't grow a rap industry standard beard... no worries bruvers... that's why there's wicked Ali G masks.

One of these guys is in costume and the other just woke up a few minutes ago in what he always wears...

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