2009 Halloween Contest Winners


We’d like to thank you all for participating in the 2009 Costume Pop Halloween Costume Contest. It was our first season and we were amazed at the amount of entries. We were impressed with the amount of effort and creativity that went into so many costumes.

While there were so many outrageous, funny, cute and well made costumes judging was based on Creativity and Originality. Choosing from over 500 entries from kids, adults, infants and pets, wasn’t easy and we thank each and every one of you for your creativity and enthusiasm this Halloween. We hope to see you all again next year.

Winners of Costume Pop’s 2009 Halloween Costume Contest:


First Place Winner - $250 Amazon Gift Certificate

Porta-Potty Costume submitted by Evelyn, Carlsbad, CA
If you want to achieve the ultimate gross out factor, forget blood and guts… the Porta-Potty Costume is clearly the way to go.


Second Place Winner - $100 Amazon Gift Certificate

Frozen Head in a Freezer Costume submitted by Kim Gilroy, Manchester, NH
We’ve seen a ton of impressive headless costumes, but nothing quite as chilling as this Frozen Head in a Freezer costume. The ice cream carton for collecting candy is a nice touch.


Third Place Winner - $50 Amazon Gift Certificate

Working 3G iPhone Costumes submitted by John Savio, Tampa, Florida
Steve Jobs probably hates how big these "portable" devices are, but we really love the costumes.

We’d also like to thank our Finalists:

Grocery Bag Costume
The Jedi BatChicken
Mail-Order Bride Costume
Ro-Bat Costume
King Kong and Empire State Building
Gumball Machine Costume
Terminator T-650 and John Conner Costume
Soldier in Tank Costume
Dead Fly on a Fly Swatter
Spaghetti & Meatballs Costume
MVP Trophy Costume
Wizard & Dragon Costume
Cork Tree Costume
Pop Art Costume
Princess Dragon Costume
Humpty Dumpty Costume
Fish & Fisherman Costumes
Tiki Man Costume
Zombie Marilyn Monroe & James Dean Costumes

Thanks again for participating. We hope to see you next Halloween!

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