2010 Halloween Contest Winners

Thanks to everyone who participated in the 2010 Costume Pop Costume Contest. As usual we were amazed at the amount of entries we received. You guys really floored us with the amount of creativity that went into your costumes this year.

While there were a ton of amazing costumes to choose from, the judging was based on creativity and originality. With so many outrageous, scary, cute and funny costumes to choose from, the choice wasn't easy. Thank you all for sharing these outstanding costumes this Halloween. We hope to see you all again next year!

And without any further ado...

Winners of Costume Pop’s 2010 Halloween Costume Contest:

First Place Winner - $150 Amazon Gift Certificate

Head on the Platter submitted by Leslie Bruce Irwin, Woodstock Ontario Canada
Not only were we impressed by the illusion of a walking and talking Frankenstein, we gotta give you credit for holding such an uncomfortable pose in this elaborate costume!

Second Place Winner - $75 Amazon Gift Certificate

Waking the Dead submitted by Kimberly Parsons, Huron, Ohio
This costume captures that chilling moment when an undead zombie first rises from its grave. *shudder*

Third Place Winner - $25 Amazon Gift Certificate

King Kong and Empire State Building submitted by Kelly Stewart, Orlando, Fl
This costume is cleverly designed to create an illusion of perspective, making you feel like King Kong is far away, reaching his giant arm toward you.

Thanks again for participating. We hope to see you next Halloween!

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