20’s Costumes

If you ask most people what they associate with the 20's, you are likely to here them say gangsters like Al Capone and the flappers. The roaring twenties are often thought of as a time where everyone was partying, only to have it all interrupted by the Great Depression.

The flappers were looked at as being a new type of young woman who were breaking with many of the traditions of the past.  Often they were categorized as wearing short skirts, drinking, smoking and generally calling into question most of society’s norms at the time. They were viewed as something of female rebels.  And it comes as little shock that gangster costumes and flapper costumes make for great statements come Halloween.

20s costumes such as the flapper costume and the gangster costume have great style to their cut. The flapper costume really sums up the image that many have of the young women of the era.  Often these 20’s costumes are adorned with beautiful feathered headbands that have long become associated with partying in the era.  These early independent women were taking many steps that would later open doors for other women and feminists years and decades later.

Most men did not dress in gangster style in the 20’s, but the iconic imagery persists.  For men, the classic gangster pinstriped suit and black and white shoes are a dead give away.  Just add a Tommy gun and you are likely to be the hippest gangster at the party.

Styles may change from year to year and decade to decade, but one thing is for certain, the 20s gave us some of the most memorable and hippest styles that America has ever seen.  While the party may have ended, there is no reason you can’t wear one of these great 20s costumes to your next party.

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