21 Spectacularly Themed Weddings


We've seen some pretty awesome themed weddings like the Superhero wedding, the Peter Pan and Tinkerbell wedding, and the Odaiba Gundam wedding and there's no shortage of geeky lovebirds out there who'd rather dress in full costume than your average wedding attire. Being completely true to themselves and their passions that brought them together some couples swap the white gown and tux for some red spandex and thigh high boots—and that's just what the groom is wearing! Check out these 21 Spectacularly Themed Weddings that featured costumed couples wearing everything from Star Trek Klingon gear to romantic story book knight and princess costumes. There's even an obscure Katamari Damacy themed wedding (we really hope the bride walked down the aisle to that crazy "NAAAAAAAA-NA-NA-NA-NA-NA-NANA" theme song).

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