300 Costumes

Few movies in recent years have captured the imagination of filmgoers like the instant classic film 300 from director Zack Miller. A 300 Costume is a great choice because this great film was memorable and had many powerful visual images and bizarre characters.

For those people who missed the film, 300 is an action packed film based on the famous graphic novel by Frank Miller. It tells the story of the Battle of Thermopylae where 300 hunky Spartans fought off an army of invading Persians. The movie is filled with amazing otherworldly costumes and computer generated beasts of all sorts. As a result, 300 Costumes definitely have a unique look and feel.

The 300 Spartan Costume is a Halloween costume that is bound to capture the attention of all who see it.  Of course, there is also the 300 Queen Costume and the 300 Immortal Costume. All 300 costumes are done-up with impressive details that are bound to garner many looks… even in the competitive Halloween season.

A 300 Halloween costume is a great fit for any fan of the film.  The 300 Spartan Costume is a great opportunity for men to walk around with a sword, albeit a plastic one, and to bare their chests (hopefully, full of muscles.)  If you don’t have a washboard stomach already, feel free to paint one on!

The 300 Queen Costume is a flowing white dress that offers women a chance to show off some leg.  Of course, if you are in a more villainous and mysterious mood, the 300 Immortal Costume is probably your best choice and is bound to strike a scary note this Halloween!

A 300 Spartan Costume, 300 Queens Costume or a 300 Immortal Costume are great fits for Halloween costumes because they strike that rare chord between scary, sexy, eye-catching and fun.

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