300 Spartan Adult Costume



Few recent films have sported as many visual effects as the epic film, 300.  This film adaptation of the much-loved Frank Miller graphic novel was shot on blue screen and involved a simply staggering amount of visual effects.  Most film buffs would agree that 300 looks far richer than its $70 million dollar budget would indicate.

The intense look and feel of the film definitely adds to the impact of the film. Likewise, the movie’s distinctive Spartan characters instantly are a recognizable Halloween costume.  The 300 Spartan Deluxe Adult Costume combines a few elements together in a clever way to create a truly memorable Halloween costume.  The highly detailed gold helmet and shin guards combine nicely with the faux suede red cape.  Toss in a pair of gold gauntlets and you have a tremendous costume that is full of power, just like the Spartan’s themselves.

300 costumes are such great fun, in part, because they are so easily dressed up with “toys.”  Add a 300-Spartan War Spear or a 300-Spartan Sword, for example, and you have, well, a “killer outfit.”  300 costumes are also perfect for couples, as there are several great 300 women’s costumes to go with this great 300 men’s costume.  The 300 Queen Gorgo Adult Costume is one fine example, and its one sexy costume too!  Feel free to go ahead and release your inner-warrior this Halloween with a Spartan costume.

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