60’s Costume Party

The images and the dress of the 1960’s are unlike any other.  This is part of why a 60’s costume party makes for such a stand out event.  The groovy and psychedelic styles of the era don’t just make for awesome costumes, but they make for eye-catching decorations.  The hypnotic patterns of the 60’s are a great way to give your home that 60’s feel.

And if you really want to make a lasting impression, temporarily remake one of the rooms of your home into a groovy 60’s room. Then you will have a space that any hippy in a hippy costume or Woodstock costume would love to hang out in and remember the good old days. You can use colored lamps, and fill the room with beanbags and peace signs.

There are some easy and inexpensive ways to get that 60’s look.  One is to find wild and crazy 60s inspired drapes, curtains, beads, throw rugs and shower curtains for your party.  A few quick, strategically placed items can quickly remake any home into a groovy pad.

Obviously the music of the 60s is unforgettable.  Make certain that you have a nice selection of 60s tunes on hand to keep the party going.  In fact, maybe a 60s costume party is the perfect time to dust off the old record player.

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