60’s Costumes

Ask historians what they feel are among the most turbulent decades in United States history, and most will probably put the 1960’s on their short list.  So many major social and political changes took place during this short ten-year time span that it is almost hard to believe.  There were wars, social unrest, injustices corrected, and, of course, men walking on the moon.  No wonder people flipped out and starting wearing crazy clothes!

While the Sixties were definitely an intense time, the era was also responsible for some positively groovy fashion that still makes for great Halloween costumes all these decades later.  The vibrant and psychedelic fashion choices of the era mean simply awesome costume possibilities in the here and now.

Slap on a wild costume wig, get out the bell-bottoms, and you have the makings of intense and interesting hippie costume.  Most 60s costumes take full advantage of the liberal use of the color palate and the rebellious tone of the day to create some truly eye-popping designs.  If you are the least bit afraid of wild and shocking colors, then a 60’s costume is probably not for you.  But if you think wild colors are groovy, then you’re in business.

It’s always a lot of fun to show up to a party with a group of your friends all dressed according to a theme.  Having all your friends dress up in hippie costumes is an easy way to really put your “stamp” on the party.  Heads will turn and smiles will liberally be tossed about as soon as you and your pack of freethinking psychedelically dressed comrades walk through the front door.

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