80’s Costume Party

Let’s face it; the 80’s delivered some of the most unforgettable looks ever.  In the process, the 80’s also gave us some of the most unforgettable costumes. Madonna costumes, Michael Jackson costumes and hair band costumes are all fun to wear and easy to find.

An 80’s costume party is a way for people to dress up in their favorite 1980’s costumes, whether they are 80’s rock costumes, new wave costumes or Michael Jackson costumes.  Once you’ve decided to have an 80’s costume party, you just know that the metallic gold leggings (as found in costumes such as the Liquid Metal Leggings Adult Costume) will soon follow.  Also expect to see the zipper jacket make an appearance.

Don’t be afraid to pick specific 80’s related themes. Imagine the fun of having all your guest dress in hair band costumes, rock costumes, or new wave costumes.  Everyone will definitely be wondering what craziness is happening at your house!

Feel free to have toys from the 80’s around at your party.  People should be able to play with 80’s board games, rubix cubes, and other silly games everyone remembers. People love reminiscing about what they liked to do back in the 80’s.

A fun option is to create your own pop quiz to test people’s knowledge of the pop culture of the 80’s.  Find out which of your guests starred in such movies as Pretty in Pink or Wall Street.  So pick out your favorite 80’s music and 80’s movies, and get ready for a stroll down memory lane.

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