Adult Batman Costume – Deluxe

There are many costumes that say, “Look at me.” Of course, there are also costumes that say, “Go ahead and be really impressed.”  The Collector’s Edition Batman Adult Costume is one seriously impressive Batman costume.  Odds are that this men’s costume is one of the more impressive costumes that you are going to see, period.

This full latex Batman costume has been painstakingly designed with great care and tremendous attention to detail.  There is little doubt that it is one of the more impressive adult costumes currently on the market.  The level of detail will no doubt astound everyone who sees it.

Numerous details stand out, such as the pointed ears on the bat hood, and the great details of the utility belt.  Of course, the most obvious details are the layers and layers of muscles built into the suit.  While the other touches and details are quite striking, it is the impressive level of detail found in the built in muscles of the suit that will leave most people staring at you in awe.

The caped crusader may be approaching his sixty birthday, but you would never know it looking at this great men’s costume.  For those people looking for a grand costume, look no further than this great Batman gem.

Find it on Spirit Halloween!
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