Adult Batgirl Costume – Deluxe


One has to be impressed with the Universe of Batman.  What began as one lone crime-fighting superhero has grown and grown throughout the decades to include Robin, Catwoman, Batgirl, and a whole score of other heroes and villains.  Batman’s popularity has certainly risen dramatically in recent years, and Batgirl is now obtaining some of that popularity as well.

Recently, Batgirl has been seen in several animated television shows and who can say, maybe she will be in a big screen adaptation soon!  The Batgirl Deluxe Adult Costume is a great Batgirl costume that is rather sexy, rather mysterious and very, very fun.

This sexy women’s costume comes with a short mini dress complete with a yellow bat logo as well as black boot tops and spiked black glovelets.  No wonder this is a sexy costume!

One of the sexiest aspects of the costume is the stunning and rather intimidating spiked mask that will draw everyone to your eyes.  But you simply can’t forget the cape.  The Batman Deluxe Adult Costume comes with a great frayed edge cape that perfectly matches the frayed design of the skirt.  Put all of these elements together, and you are left with a simply fabulous Batgirl costume.

Find it on Spirit Halloween!
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