Adult Chicken Costume


“Chicken Supreme” might at first sound like some sort of tasty fast food treat that you know is not good for you, but you eat anyway.  However, the truth is that it’s a cool Halloween costume.  The Chicken Supreme Suit Adult Costume is a very detailed chicken costume.  The beak, eyes and vivid orange chicken feet make this costume really come alive.  It is tough to beat this adult chicken costume. In fact, this is called “Chicken Supreme” because it is one of the most realistic adult chicken costumes you are likely to find.  From head to toe, you will look 100% chicken.

What is somewhat unexpected is how scary this adult chicken costume can be if the wearer wishes.  Somehow the designers have produced a chicken costume that can be worn both as a friendly costume, and as a frightening and menacing one.  There is just something uniquely creepy about a giant chicken lurking about.

For those who want to make the chicken theme a memorable family affair, why not dress up your bundle of joy in the Chicken Infant Costume?  Few people are not going to stop and take a look at you in your giant chicken costume holding your infant (also dressed in a chicken costume).

Halloween costumes are all about fun, and adopting an animal theme for Halloween is certainly fun.  You and your friends and family can always show up dressed as a farm load of lovable animal creatures.  It’s funny and creepy at the same time and that is no easy trick!

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