Adult Clown Costume


Clowns are both scary and funny at the same time.  And this makes them nothing short of a Halloween classic.  So much of what makes the clown is, in fact, the clown costume.  One instantly recognizes the clown from a “mile away” and knows that some sort of wild interaction is bound to happen.

The clown costume is always a fine Halloween staple costume in that it allows the wearer to have easily interact with people, and, let’s face it, even bug them a little.  The Clown on The Town Adult Costume is a wild and crazy costume that incorporates just about every color of the rainbow.  Why there are four colors just in the jacket alone, and good luck finding a bowtie or a hat like those of this Adult Clown Costume.

And remember that wacky uncle of yours that had his fashion sense escape the 1970’s? Even he doesn’t have a pair of pants like this clown.  No, these are some intense clown pants in this clown costume!  Just don’t forget your clown makeup and squeeker horn.  Imagine all the great fun you can have with that horn at the next Halloween party.

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