Adult Werewolf Costume


Few images are more fearsome and more terrifying than a werewolf.  This classic creature of lore is bound to produce great fear in anyone who sees it come Halloween.  Part of what makes the Werewolf costume such a scary sight is clearly the werewolf’s wolf like features.  These features are brilliantly crafted in the mask and the rather intimidating claws of this werewolf costume.   This adult costume comes with a bloody shirt and tattered pants making it all the more intimidating.  Having a half-man, half-wolf creature coming after you covered in blood is what Halloween is all about.

The details in the Werewolf Adult Costume really make this men’s costume stand out.  The details of the latex mask and the gruesome hands will unnerve people, even though they realize it is just a scary costume.  There is just something about the sight of the werewolf that strikes a primal and raw nerve.  Some of us just want a costume that might send people running the other way.

If you are looking for a Halloween costume that gets the ultimate scary reaction, then the Werewolf Adult Costume is an easy pick. And could there possibly be a more manly costume than this scary costume?  The answer is probably not.

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