Aladdin Disney Costume

Aladdin CostumeAmazingly, the classic Disney animated film Aladdin was completed in 1992, yet its characters still seem so fresh and new.  Clearly, this is a testament to how much fun the characters were to begin with.  With great characters and great animation, it is no real surprise that Aladdin earned roughly half a billion dollars at the box-office.

In fact, this little animated gem that gave us so many memorable characters is one of the more profitable movies in recent memories.  Aladdin is full of so many fun characters, including the Genie, Princess Jasmine and, of course, Aladdin.  It’s easy to see why the Aladdin costume is one of the more popular Disney costumes come Halloween.

The Aladdin Prestige Adult Costume is an Aladdin costume that is sure to please any fan of the film.  The white jumpsuit comes with gold trim and accents, a purple cape and a really clever white turban.  Disney costumes always capture the imagination and this Aladdin costume is no different.  With your very own Aladdin costume, you will feel as though you too can catch a ride on a magic carpet and after all, isn’t that what Halloween is all about?  Embrace a little magic with this Aladdin Disney Costume!

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