Aladdin Jasmine Classic Child Costumes


Princess Jasmine from Disney's Aladdin makes a beautiful girl's costume at any age. The movie Aladdin was one of the greatest movies with phenomenal animation and memorable musical performances. Jasmine is a free spirited young princess who wants to live life her own way, a sentiment that most young girls can relate to. She's very smart and determined as well as kind and caring—traits that usually go hand in hand with Disney Princesses. Jasmine’s wardrobe in particular is very exotic and interesting since she is an Arabian Princess. That’s why it’s no wonder girls love to wear a Princess Jasmine Costume.

There are a lot of variations on the Jasmine costume, including a purple version that's simply adorable. However if you're a fan of the classic blue costume then nothing else will do. This costume features the soft blue color that Jasmine is usually seen in with poofy ballon pants. It also comes with the pretty headpiece and jewel that the princess wears. The top has a pretty Princess Jasmine cameo on the collar and gold fringe. Gold earrings and a gold necklace would make great accessories to compliment this cute Princess Jasmine costume. Another possible accessory could be a stuffed tiger since Jasmine has a pet tiger named Rajah.

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