Ali G Rapper Costume


When you arrive at the Halloween party, don’t you want everyone to know you are “indahouse?” Become this notorious UK rapper this Halloween with your own Ali G Rapper Costume.  British comedian Sacha Baron Cohen popularized a few hilarious characters through movies and TV shows, and one of them was Ali G.  (Borat and Bruno are Cohen’s other wildly popular alter-ego characters).

With the Ali G Rapper Costume, everyone at the costume party or Halloween gathering will know you have arrived. Ali G is a white guy from the UK suburbs who prides himself on fitting into the black/Jamaican culture.  He pretends to know everything there is about urban life.  You can hang out at the costume party chillin, and everyone will have to give you “Respek.”

The costume is a bright yellow jumpsuit with elastic waist and cuffs. Of course, what is a jumpsuit without a matching bright yellow cap?  Make sure you pick up some “bling” to compliment this outrageous Halloween costume.   Once your Ali G costume is complete, it will be perfectly acceptable to go around asking people ridiculous questions in a half-British/ half-Jamaican accent.  Check it.

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