Alice in Wonderland Costumes

Alice in Wonderland Costumes

Alice in Wonderful is a book brimming over with well-drawn characters that simply resonate throughout time.  Even though its been almost a 150 years since Lewis Carroll wrote the Alice in Wonderland books, the characters he created are still as fresh, vibrant and wonderful as ever.

Mad Hatter Costume

There is no better example than the high-energy, high-octane, Mad Hatter.  The story behind the term “mad hatter” is a good one to pair with your Halloween costume.  The phrase “mad as a hatter” has to due with the fact that the deadly heavy metal mercury was used to cure felt in hats.  Sadly, mercury gives off very dangerous fumes, which caused many who worked in the hat making process to develop neurological disorders that often mimicked madness.  Armed with this story, your Mad Hatter Adult Costume is a sure hit come Halloween.

Alice Costumes

Any Alice costume is going to be instantly recognized due to the lasting popularity of this all-time classic.  Part of what makes the Mad Hatter Adult Costume so instantly distinctive and recognizable is the unique and exaggerated shape of the Mad Hatter’s signature hat.  When combined with the fantastic green and yellow color scheme, this Mad Hatter costume instantly jumps out of any crowd.

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