Alien Costumes

Some costume ideas are out of this world… literally. Alien costumes can be funny, scary, cute or just plain bizarre depending on what you’re going for. Inspired by movies, cartoons, TV shows or just a good old fashioned active imagination, aliens make a great costume idea for kids or adults.

The idea that there are little green men flying in UFOs spying on the human race has captivated people for many years and become a big part of pop culture. Stephen Spielberg’s movie E.T. explored the notion that extra terrestrials may not be harmful hostiles with ray-guns, but friendly misunderstood creatures. While movies like James Cameron’s Aliens painted a picture of aliens that they are vicious and deadly. Some alien stories fall somewhere in between, portraying aliens as both good and bad, like people. For kids alien costumes are quite popular, especially thanks to TV shows and cartoons like Ben 10 Alien Force. Ben 10 revolves around a boy who can transform into different aliens thanks to a wrist-watch like device he found. The series creates a lot of interesting inspiration for alien costumes, based on hero and villain type of characters. Another popular kid’s alien costume idea is aliens from the animated movie Monsters vs Aliens.

Of course alien costumes don’t have to be based on a TV show or movie. Alien costumes can be completely made up. A common look is green or gray skin with large black eyes. Alien accessories might include space suits, robes, ray-guns or futuristic devices. You can be as creative as you want when wearing your own made up alien costume.

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