Amy the Vampire From Fright Night Costumes

Each year I challenge myself to create something unusual and unique using latex, makeup, and other simple special effects techniques. This year, with vampires being so prominent in the media and pop culture, I wanted to go with a classic vampire character, from my favorite movie, Fright Night. I started with researching for photos of the character. Second I researched the process that is used to create latex pieces by most special effects artists. Even though it was my first time creating such a large piece, I was confident with the instructions I found and my overall idea. The process was long and detailed, but lots of fun. After one week of molding and sculpting, I had my finished piece. Once it was a latex appliance, I added color, crazy hair to match, and color contacts. I also found a Marilyn Monroe dress that looked similar to the one in the film. I am extremely proud that the whole idea came together. I felt and looked AWESOME!

Submitted by Jamie Jacobs Miller, Perris, California

Find it on Spirit Halloween!
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