Animal Costumes

There is a good reason why there are so many animal based Halloween costumes.  After all, long before man had imagined the likes of ghosts, goblins, Dracula and Frankenstein… there were, of course, the animals.

It comes as no surprise that some of the earliest Halloween costumes were those of animals.  The bunny costume and the cat costume have long been popular Halloween costumes and with good reason.  Cats are mysterious, have a close association with Halloween. Bunnies, of course, are just so cute.  Bunny and cat costumes can also both translate into sexy women’s’ costumes.

Of course there are many other animal costumes that have been popular and continue enjoy popularity, such as the bear costume and the tiger costume.  The appeal of these two animal costumes is pretty obvious. Who wouldn’t want to be a strong and mighty bear or tiger?  That is not to say that there is not room for some sillier and light-hearted costumes as well.  The mouse costume, duck costume and dog costume are all great examples of Halloween costumes that are going to bring a smile to almost everyone.

In recent years the panda costume has become more and more popular and with good reason.  The panda has so much cuteness going for it. A panda bear is always a solid pick for the Halloween season or any party occasion.

There is really no way you can go wrong with an animal costume.  Whether you go for an all-time classic like a horse costume, or for a newer favorite like a panda costume, you can be assured that your costume will always be a hit.

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