Anne Boleyn Renaissance Costume


Few historical figures had as interesting and colorful of life as the second wife and of King Henry VIII, Anne Boleyn.  Ann Boleyn was only thirty years old when executed for high treason by her husband King Henry VIII in 1536.  The charges against her were indeed serious, including adultery, but most historians feel that the charges against her were, in fact, not legitimate.  While she may have been executed, her daughter, Elizabeth would later be crowded Queen of England.  Hundreds of years later, Anne Boleyn remains a fascinating character study and historical figure.  Among other things, she was known for wearing magnificent Renaissance costumes.

Significant attention to detail has been given to this fairytale-like costume, which is a great costume for a Halloween party or a Renaissance fair.  This two-layered dress has a brown top layer with olive trim and an inner layer that is a patterned green and gold.  The end result is nothing short of captivating.  This stunning outfit is topped off with a headdress that will catch the eye of any king who happens to be in the room.

Anne Boleyn costumes make simply wonderful costumes due to the fact that they are so ornate and so well designed.  This beautiful Renaissance costume will effectively stand out even in a crowd of wonderful dresses!

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