Army Soldier Costumes


The Army Soldier Child Costume does a fine job at capturing the look of a real army costume, but in miniature size.  This camouflaged costume comes with camouflaged pants and a long sleeve shirt, as well as a very convincing camouflaged helmet.  A toy grenade and canteen are tossed in for good measure, making this child’s costume one that is likely to be used a great deal.

While the Army Soldier Child Costume makes a great Halloween costume, there can be no doubt that it will definitely pull double-duty throughout the year, as it is used in all sorts of backyard war games.  This look can also be made yet more authentic with the addition of a Camouflaged Makeup Kit and some toy guns, of course.  Additionally, there are other great children’s costumes that fit perfectly with the Army Solider Child Costume. For example, there is the Military Officer Set Child Costume, which has a different type of camouflage, or the Army Brat Child Costume.  It’s even possible to get the pet dog in on all the army action with the super-cute Army Grunt Pet Costume that is nothing short of adorable.

This fun child’s costumes are made for fun and to get dirty.  They come in a variety of sizes, and will your little soldier will never get bored of playing in them.

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