Art Costumes

Costumes make a great creative outlet for artists and art appreciators. Costumes inspired by artwork and artists are a great way to express your love for art, whether you’re into painting, drawing, photography, sculpting or any other form of art.

Costumes inspired by paintings are can be a fun way to recreate one of your favorite paintings. Dress up as something instantly recognizable like the Mona Lisa or quiz your friends on art history with something more obscure. Portrait paintings in particular make fun art costumes since it puts you in the painting. Just dress up like the subject of the painting and frame yourself. Another art costume idea might be to dress up as your favorite sculpture. It might require that you stop and pose a lot to let people take your picture, but famous sculpture costumes are bound to get you noticed.

Rather than dressing up like your favorite painting you could dress in a specific style. For example a Pop Art Costume could include bright colors or patterns you’d expect from a Warhol peice while an impressionist costume may be painted to duplicate loose brush strokes like a Monet painting.

Dressing up like your favorite artist is another great way to pay homage to them. Famous artists like Leonardo Da Vinci, Vincent Van Gogh and Frida Kahlo are very recognizable which makes them perfect for an art themed costume.

Of course if you’re more of an artist and an art appreciator then you might be inclined to dress up as art supplies like crayons or a paint pallet.

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