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14 Hot Video Game Character Costumes

Whether they’re booth babes, cosplaying for a con or just dressing up for Halloween we can’t get enough of hot […]

13 Halloween Costumes Inspired by Quentin Tarantino Films

Quentin Tarantino has written, directed and produced arguably some of the best movies ever made. What makes his movies so […]

Kid's Elephant Costume

Kids Elephant Costume

Wonderful elephant costume for children. Submitted by Jo from My Make Believe. Thanks Jo! Submited by Jo Roberts, Australia

Nintendo NES Controller Costume

If you’re not sure what your favorite video game is, but you know what your favorite video game console is […]

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8 Best Cosplay Costumes At SPECIAL EDITION NYC 2014

Special Edition NYC is a brand new convention by the awesome people behind New York Comic Con and it’s first event definitely […]

Head on the Platter Costume

2010 Halloween Contest Winners

Thanks to everyone who participated in the 2010 Costume Pop Costume Contest. As usual we were amazed at the amount […]

Cheshire Cat Makeup Costume

Cheshire Cat Makeup Costume

A creative but attainable way to approach a Disney styled Cheshire Cat costume, she’s used make-up, cat ears and a […]


Twitter Costumes

If you want to get a message out in 140 characters or less, then a Twitter costume is the way […]


Red Cardboard Robot Costumes

Just because it’s cheap and made of cardboard doesn’t mean this red cardboard robot costume isn’t awesome.

Lord of the Rings Group Costume

Lord of the Rings Group Costumes

You’re bound to win best group costume with a Lord of the Rings group costume, especially if you have friends […]

Costume Quest

Something magical happens when a kid puts on a costume. Kids don’t just wear a robot costume, they become a […]

Salad Dressing Costume

Salad Dressing Costumes

This salad dressing costume goes great with a salad costume… or maybe with buffalo wings. Whatever the case, this costume […]

Camping Tent Costumes

Camping Tent Costumes

This camping tent costume is the perfect costume to wear sitting around a campfire on a spooky night telling ghost […]

Tree Frog Costumes

Tree Frog Costumes

This shiny tree frog costume has a sexy, high fashion kind of feeling.

Little Knight Costumes

Little Knight Costumes

The great thing about this little knight costume is that it can be just thrown on over clothes for play […]