AVATAR Costumes

I am an avatar from the na'vi tribe. I ordered blue liquid latex for my base paint and used regular paint from michaels as my stripes. I also added glow in the dark paint on my stripes so that i glowed in the dark and uv light. The yellow contacts i ordered online were also visible in uv light. I used fabric off of a hat for my top and added feathers, shells and shark teeth. I bought tan suede from the fabric store for my skirt and used fabric off of a shirt that matched the fabric for my top. Along the skirt i sewed left over suede pieces that i put beads and feathers on. for my head piece i used rope and leather and added beads and a shark tooth in the middle. my calf coverings i bought at the maryland rennaisance fair from a leather tent. my ears i made out of cardboard and pinned them in with bobby pins. for my bow i bended a meter stick after softening it in hot water and secured it in place with a piece of rope. my arrows were painted smore sticks and i covered the ends in cardboard and feathers. i hope you enjoy it as much as i did!

Submitted by michelle alvey, columbia maryland

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