Baby and Toddler Costumes

For parents dressing up babies and toddlers in cute costumes is a lot of fun. And luckily there are tons of cute baby costumes available today. Many baby and toddler costumes are comfy and easy so they stay on and don’t make your little ones uncomfortable. Specifically designed with little fidgety bodies in mind many costumes for babies are specialized onsies with hoods or hats or baby bunting costumes that take only a few minutes to put on. Of course you could always make your own homemade baby and toddler costume. Sometimes making your own costume can be as simple as attaching some ears to a fleece hood to make a baby bear costume. Although it’s up to you how complicated you want to get.

Some of the most popular, not to mention adorable baby and toddler costume ideas are animal costumes. Whether it’s a cuddly lil’ lamb, fluffy bunny or cute kitty cat, babies look so cute in animal costumes. It’s also a lot of fun to dress up babies and toddlers like mini versions of celebrities. Although really, any small version of common costume ideas look too cute on babies and toddlers, like baby pirates or baby angel girl costumes. Disney costumes for babies and toddlers are always a hit too with endless possibilities for characters like Mini and Mickey Mouse, Tinkerbelle and The Little Mermaid. Baby and toddler costumes also provide a good excuse for nerdy parents to get their kids into stuff they like. Yoda costumes for infants or little Star Trek Starfleet uniforms capture everyone’s attention for being funny and geeky. When you’re trying to find the perfect baby and toddler costume think about what’s comfortable as well as memorable.

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