Bacon and Eggs Couples Costumes


Costume parties and Halloween are all about fun.  Halloween is one of those rare holidays that is 100% fun from beginning to end.  And one of the best things about this fun holiday is that it gives you a chance to dress up with your significant other or friends.  What a great way to show off not only your creativity, but also your teamwork.

There are lots of couple’s costumes out there, but the Bacon and Eggs Adult costume takes, well, the cake.  A bacon costume may not be the first funny costume that comes to find when you are considering a couple’s costume, but there is no denying that this adult costume is simply a riot.  No one will be able to keep a straight face when you show up wearing this ridiculous (but also ridiculously funny) bacon costume.

The Bacon and Eggs Adult costume will bring a smile to the face of everyone that sees it.  If you want to be the life of the party, this costume does it.  Plus there are some great details as well.  These wonderfully designed and conceived costumes really do look like bacon and eggs.

So don’t let “the yolk” be on you.  Get your own Bacon and Eggs Adult costume and show them all what’s cooking.

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