Bakugan Child Costumes


It is a certainty that a good costume can really help develop a child’s imagination.  Just like thoughtful and well-designed toys can stimulate a child’s imagination, the same can be said for a kid’s costume.  By having an exciting and energetic costume children are encouraged to tap into their own imaginations and develop their own stories.  Developing a child’s imagination is increasingly important in an era of media saturation, the Internet, video games and countless hours of television.

Tap into the existing mythology of the Bakugan world with this splendid and detailed Bakugan costume.  The Bakugan-Dan Classic Child Costume is a boy’s costume that will no doubt help your little hero develop his own imagination and create some innovative stories of his own. This is a very modern and stylized costume that is new for 2009.

Bakugan officially licenses this exciting and unique costume, allowing would be little heroes tackle the evil of Naga.  Bakugan costumes really put color to good use.  The red and yellow jumpsuit has fingerless gloves and a belt that holds a card pouch and Bakugan spheres.  The costume comes complete with a Bakugan Dan patch.  Kids love having a tool belt with pretend weapons to spark ideas for games.

Find it on Spirit Halloween!
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