Baseball Player Halloween Costume

“America’s pastime.”  When most people hear those words they usually know that you are referencing the great game of baseball.  The exact origins of baseball are a little difficult to trace, but some references to a baseball like game can be seen in illustrations dating back to the 1300s in France.  Other references can be found in Britain and North America during the 1700’s.

Baseball, in the form we recognize it today, probably began in 1846.

Since that time, baseball has not only become a wildly popular game in the United States, but in other countries as well, most notably Japan.  With all of this excitement and tradition, it is no wonder that the baseball player uniform has itself taken on something of an iconic status in our society.  For this reason, the baseball player Halloween costume has made itself a staple at Halloween parties everywhere.  In fact, the baseball player Halloween costume is something of a classic in its own right.

The Old Tyme Baseball Player Adult Costume really hits a homerun in the nostalgia department as it embraces the classic look of baseball’s more distant past.  The white and black-stripped baseball uniform is a sure “hit.”  Of course, the classic baseball cap takes us back to an era where batting helmets did not exist and catchers often did not wear gloves.  Ouch!

This Halloween bring a little of that baseball magic to the party with you.  A baseball player Halloween costume is instantly recognizable and brings back everyone’s favorite memories of the game.

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