Batman Arkham Asylum Modded Costumes


Batman Akham Asylum undoubtedly earns the title of best Batman video game ever with its dark style and fantastic gameplay. Playing this game really lets you feel like you're the Dark Knight, gliding down to attack your enemies, flinging batterangs at deranged villains and of course hiding in the shadows waiting for the right moment to take down a bad guy. But when you're sick of being Batman (as if that would ever happen) you can spice things up by changing his wardrobe. Over on the forums at Eidos fans are showing off their custom skins to change Batman's costume. Some players are going back to more traditional costumes, while some are changing things up altogether and skinning Batman in costumes that belong to other superheros like the Green Lantern and Captain America. Check out more custom Batman skins for Batman Arkham Asylum.

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