Batman (BrewBats) Costumes

I made this costume for an office party and to chaperon my nephews for trick-or-treating.
It is home-made out of a roll of thin neoprene, layered and glued onto a long-sleeved t-shirt. The utility belt is a Koren-War era ammo belt painted yellow and the 'boots' are soccer shin guards with neoprene glued to them. The cape is the same material held together with black carpet tape holding the seams together. The 'batarang' is cut out of 1/4" Sintra plastic and is dangerous when thrown. The cowl was the only thing I bought for this costume. I've had a lot of fun wearing this at Halloween and have always gotten compliments on it. Enjoy!

Submitted by Duane Brewster, Derwood, Maryland

Find it on Spirit Halloween!
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