Batman Costumes

Batman and his now globally famous Batman costume first appeared in comic books in 1939 and since that time both Batman and the Batman Costume have evolved with the times.  With each generation, Batman has been reborn and re-imagined in some fashion.  Very few modern characters are as soaked in lore as Batman.  This iconic figure seems only to grow in popularity as time progresses.

The latest re-imaging of Batman via Batman Begins and The Dark Knight are responsible for some of the more creative costumes created by Hollywood in decades.  Batman Begins costumes and Dark Knight costumes have already become some of the more popular Batman Halloween costumes.  Batman Joker costumes have surged in popularity, especially due to the award-winning vivid performance by Heath Ledger.

It should come as no surprise that Batman child costumes are rather popular with parents and children alike.  What child doesn’t want to be a superhero like Batman or put on a Batman child costume?  Whether it’s a Batman Dark Knight costume or a Batman Begins costume, the end result will always be extremely cute with a Batman child costume.

Part of the enduring appeal of the Batman costume is the dark tone that the costume strikes.  It just doesn’t get more fun than being a crime-fighting hero dressed as a bat, complete with pointed ears, a mask and a cape.

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