Bee Costumes

Bees are remarkable insects. It is no wonder humans are fascinated with them and what they are capable of doing.  There are over 20,000 different species of bees, and they are found on every continent in the world, except Antarctica. And if it wasn’t for bees pollinating our crops, much of the foods that we take for granted would simply not exists.  So why shouldn’t we give the bee a little credit come Halloween time?  After all they can sting as well, which makes them a little scary, and thus perfect for October 31st!

An all-time Halloween costume favorite has to be the bumble bee costume.  This fact is even more true for infant’s costumes and child costumes.  What is cuter than seeing your little bundle of joy dressed up as a bumble bee?  The Lil’ Stinger Elite Collection Infant/Toddler Costume is a great example of just how cute this kid’s costume can be.  Another example of a super-cute a bee costume is the Queen Bee Infant Costume.

Kids also can find a lot of great costumes based around the bee.  Much like fairy costumes, bumble bee costumes often appeal to girls.  The Queen Bee Child Costume is one certain to be a hit with lots of young ladies.

But this is not to say that adults have been squeezed out of the fun.  There are so many fun adult costumes all built around our friend the bee.  Take, for example, the very playful Queen Beeotch Adult Costume.  This short-skirt little number comes with a headpiece and even wand, which is perfect for Halloween.

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