Belle Costumes

My daughter Alison has wanted to be Belle for almost a year now. Her grandmother decided to make the costume for her and it turned out absolutely georgous. My mother-n-law is so talented, it is simply amazing when you see this costume in person. She left no detail behind. It is made up of bright yellow satin, toole, bows, sparkels, gathering, georgous neckline and sleeves. She made a special crown that actually has Belle on the front of it. The most delicate detail are the gloves. The costume weighs about as much as a wedding dress with all of the layering that it has. It is truly the most beautiful gown I have seen for a child. The photo can't even begin to do it justice. My daughter is 4years old.

Submitted by Trisha Henshaw, Pacifica, CA

Find it on Spirit Halloween!
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