Ben 10 Alien Force Child Costumes


Ben Tennyson wasn’t expecting to become a kid superhero, but as fate would have it Ben found the alien device known as the Omnitrix and became Ben 10. The cool thing about Ben 10 is that he doesn’t just have 1 set of superpowers but can transform into different aliens, each with their own set of abilities and powers. Originally Ben transforms into 10 aliens, but eventually gains even more powers throughout the series. Some of the aliens he can turn into include the nearly invincible Diamondhead, the large fighter Forearms, and the fiery Heatblast. He transforms with the help of the Omnitrix which looks like an ordinary wristwatch. Turning the dial Ben can choose which ability he wants to unlock to save the day. Ben 10 is a great modern superhero that kids can definitely relate to making it a fun and exciting costume for kids.

The Ben 10 Alien Force Child Costume includes Ben’s green jacket, black shirt and blue pants and of course the Omnitrix device. A Ben 10 costume could be part of a really cool group costume if someone else dresses up as Grandpa Max or Ben’s cousin Gwen. If you were really ambitious you could even include some of the Omnitrix Aliens like Ripjaws, Grey Matter, Ghostfreak or Upgrade.

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