Bender Costumes

Homemade Bender costume from Matt Groening's Futurama series. The head is an upside down trashcan with the flap sealed with glue and spackle, sheer fabric to see through in the mouth, eyes are a ball cut in half, visor is made of popsicle sticks, cardboard, and spackle, and the antenna is a dowel and wooden doll's head. There is a magnet behind the fabric so the cigar can be 'put in his mouth' and removed. The body is a cardboard concrete mixing tube with a fully functional door on hinges showing Bender's love interest Lucy Liu. The arms are foamboard sewn together with 3-fingered gloves. The boots are plastic bowls glued to old shoes. The beer label is Bender's homemade brew Benderbrau and the can is Mom's Old Fashioned Robot Oil.

Submitted by Stephen Tuin, Durham, NC


Find it on Spirit Halloween!
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