Best of the Worst Adult Costumes


Adults love to dress up just as much as kids, but sometimes they end up just embarrassing themselves. Some costumes are downright lame while others try to push the envelope a bit too far. Check out the Best of the Worst Adult Costumes.

This guy is totally caught with his pants down in the worst kind of way.

Last time we checked, Sponge Bob wasn't this sexy.

Just because you saw Sacha Baron Cohen do it, that doesn't make it okay.

Why do they even make a Bert costume in an adult size?

Isn't Tinky Winky the Teletubby that likes show tunes?

Why not just be yourself? A big fat whiny adult.

This guy wouldn't look like such a turd sandwich if it weren't for that s**t eating grin...

Now here's a costume that gets the whole family involved all over again.

Wtf are you supposed to be?

The runny butt costume is seriously only funny to you.

Who needs dignity when you're looking for love?

Yep, you're a giant boob alright, but not because of the costume.

Relive the embarrassment of middle school all over again with this atomic wedgie costume.

Maybe you should try something tighter, like bike shorts.

Find it on Spirit Halloween!
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