Betelgeuse Costumes

I had a creative hand in every part of my costume. The suit is a previously bought suit I tailored to fit me. I dirtied up the suit and white button up shirt to be graveyard appropriate. My stomach is made with a pillowcase full of batting. I made the carousel headpiece out of cardboard and masking tape. I painted it using homemade stencils and tape. The small monsters hanging from the carousel are handmade designs by me that I made out of felt. The entire outfit is lit with five strands of battery operated mini lights attached to the headpiece and tie with tape and glue. I did my makeup with white and black makeup, spirit gum, eyeliner, and fake moss. My wig was a bought wig that I redid by cutting it and spraying painting and adding moss and leaves. My spiral arms are made with black and white material that I made to match the suit. I sewed and filled them with batting, rolled them up, and attached them to gloves. Everything in my costume I made or altered except the black boots. This was an extremely fun, exciting costume to wear! I have always wanted to do it, and I am glad I finally took the time (a month lol) to make it!

Submitted by Morgan Hill, Little Rock, AR

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