Betty Boop Costume



Have you heard of Grim Natwick?  Odds are that you have never heard of this talented, creative mind, but he is the man behind one of the most recognized and beloved cartoon characters of all time.  Natwick created the lovable Betty Boop character way back in 1930.  His character was largely a reflection of the flapper girls of the 1920’s. Betty Boop was criticized at the time for being too radical and rebellious for her day, and this character has been known as something of a sexy symbol ever since.

Over the years, she has made numerous cameo appearances in other the cartoons, including Popeye and a famous appearance in Who Framed Roger Rabbit?  Considering that to this day Betty Boop is considered a sex symbol, it isn’t too surprising that she makes for a great Halloween costume and a sexy costume.  Few women’s costumes are probably as much fun as a Betty Boop costume.

Betty Boop is a great Halloween costume for any woman who is looking for a sexy costume that has a touch of history and class.  No one is ever going to doubt that Betty Boop is a sexy character, and this marvelous Betty Boop Long Velvet Dress Adult Costume only proves the point further.  This long red velvet dress has an alluring front slit that is perfectly matched with a pair of long white gloves.  You’ll understand why so many people feel that Betty Boop was the original Hollywood glamour girl when you put on this costume!

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