Bird Costumes

One of the most unique types of animal costumes is bird costumes since there are so many different types of birds to choose from. From tiny swallows to huge ostriches, different birds have plumage that makes them so beautiful and recognizable.

Probably the flashiest type of bird costume is of course a peacock costume. Peacocks are known for having beautiful large tail feathers that are meant to get them a lot of attention. That’s what makes it the perfect costume idea for anyone who wants to get noticed. Another fun extravagant bird costume idea is a pink flamingo. Flamingo costumes are also very bright and eye-catching. Especially for girls and women, Swan costumes are another beautiful bird costume idea.

Another very recognizable type of bird costume is a parrot costume. Weather you go green, blue or red, parrots have a very distinct face and shape to their beak that make them such a easy to recognize bird costume. Some of the cutest bird costumes, especially for babies and toddlers, are baby chicks and penguins. Baby chick costumes look adorable on infants and could work not only around Halloween, but Easter as well. Penguin costumes are fun too since they’re a popular bird among little ones, especially since movies like Happy Feet and Surf’s Up.

While there are many popular ideas for bird costumes, the funniest one of course is the chicken costume. There’s just something so silly about dressing up like a big yellow chicken, making it a classic funny costume idea. There are so many unique bird costume ideas to choose from depending on your personal taste depending on whether or not you want to look beautiful, cute or funny.

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