Bizarre Costumes

Some costumes are scary, some are cute and some are funny. But some costumes… are just downright bizarre. What makes a costume bizarre? It could be that it combines things you wouldn’t normally expect, or it could just be that it makes people a little bit uncomfortable. Sometimes a bizarre costume is just weird because it’s unlike most other costume ideas.

Coming up with a bizarre costume that pushes the limits of what people expect to see can be a challenge. There are so many interesting and unique costume ideas that exist or have been done, so you really have to brainstorm to come up with an original bizarre costume idea. One way to start coming up with bizarre costume ideas is to combine things that are normally different or unrelated. You might start by taking a scary mask and wearing it with a silly costume like a clown costume. The juxtaposition of these two opposing types of costumes usually turns out to be very bizarre. One of the most bizarre costume ideas we’ve ever come across was the Jedi BatChicken which combined Batman with a Chicken and a Jedi from Star Wars. These unexpected elements really came together to make a funny and quite bizarre costume.

Another way to approach bizarre costume ideas is to draw inspiration from circus sideshow acts and deformities. Creating a conjoined twin costume or a monster child costume will most likely make many people uneasy as they are quite bizarre costumes. So try to think of the things that make you most uncomfortable and see if they can help you come up with a bizarre costume idea.

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